Wave has six functions that can be used individually or combined in any way you like. Each function has its own characteristics.

In order to map functions from Softwave to your DAW (such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro) you need to attach a MIDI CC number to the function.
You can assign any CC number, but make sure each function has an individual number.
Softwave uses this number to communicate with your DAW.

Some DAWs such as Cubase and Pro Tools have some of their CC values hard coded, so you can't use all of them.

Additionally you can assign:

  1. PB (Pitchbend) to Tilt, Pan, Roll and Vibrato.
  2. Notes (C, C#, D, E, F etc.) when using the Tap function.
  3. Notes and Key commands/Shortcuts (cmd+T, R, f12 etc.) when using the Click function.



Tilt, Pan and Roll allow you to control parameters in a new way.

Vibrato lets you add natural vibrato to your playing.

Tap lets you hit any surface to trigger notes or samples.

Click lets you use the buttons on Wave to send MIDI or Key commands.

Add a New Function

To add a new function to your Preset, hover over "Add function" and then select the function you want to add. Each function is represented by an icon.


Rename a Function
To rename a function press its name, for example "Tilt" or "Roll", write in a new name and hit Enter. If the preset you're working within is hosting a Plugin you can not rename functions.


Delete a Function
To delete a function you simply hit the "x" in the top right corner of each function window.


Change Function type
To change one function to another, press the function's icon in the top left corner of the function window. The icons representing the functions should now be visible until you select a new function.


Using Wave A or Wave B
You can connect two Waves to Softwave at a time. Each Preset gives you an overview of all the functions you're using for both Waves at a time. Every new function is automatically mapped to Wave A.

If you want to map a function to Wave B press the "A" in the lower left corner of the function window. The function should now read "B" and be mapped to Wave B. Repeat for other functions you want to remap.


Mute and Solo Functions
Every function allows you to Mute and Solo them. Press "M" to Mute and "S" to Solo.


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